Yu Long Sports 2nd factory launch敬告友榮包袋二廠成立,求上帝蒙福 恩典滿溢~)

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We are going to launch there will be a new facility of Yu Long sports will start to operate after Chinese New Year Holidays.
We have declared the prevention plans of labor shortage issues. One of the plan is setting our 2nd direct operation mill in sub-area in Quanzhou city. The action taking is trying to increase the stability of delivery and quality for coming 2011. We admit we may have some more challenges for the year due to the labor and working enviroment changes. However, we are still trying very hard work to meet the request of the customer as the best supporting. Therefore, we will welcome you to have some new projects with our new organization. The 2nd mill sets up in HONG LAI town which is the nearby countryside of Quanzhou city and keeps the distance for 40 mins from the 1st mill of YL. For your reference, Yu Long will have two direct operation factories in Quazhou and one satellite factory in Jiang Xi. We expect all of them would contribute to the production capacity year 2011 well.
The 2nd mill’s building area is around: 3200 QMS. It would be able to set up 8 production lines in the space for the coming future. At the present stage, 3 production lines are settled and ready for production after Chinese New Holidays.It would share part of production pressure of the 1st factory as well. We are puting the facoty’s look and as following for your reference.
We also pick up the most skillful workers as the team leaders and Trainer for the 2nd factory. The QC system is built as same as the 1st factory. We are expecting every new chance for the future project.
We would share and sense avery prosperous year 201l with your esteemed firm.
Warmest regards,
Diana Lee, Banny Huang, and the sales team of Yu Long sports.




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